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On your first visit, we will need to gather some information about you, your insurance and your medical condition. To help make the process easier please download and complete our New Patient Packet and Health History forms located on our Forms page. You may either bring the downloaded forms with you on your first visit ​or fax them to us before your visit at 903.455.7548.


First Visit

Evaluation by a licensed physical therapist

Our staff of experienced and caring therapists will listen to your concerns, evaluate your problem, and explain how we can help. The therapist will likely assess your condition by measuring the range of motion of the injured body part, feeling for tenderness in the area, using special tests to determine the source of your problem, and checking things like your posture, strength, balance or the way you walk.


Individualized treatment

The findings of your evaluation will direct the treatment you will receive to address your specific problem. You will receive skilled treatment by licensed therapists and assistants every visit.

We work toward your goals

Tell us your problems, limitations with usual activities and your goals. Tell us what you need to be able to get back to doing and we will work toward your goals. When you reach your goals we will celebrate with you and gladly discontinue therapy visits at the appropriate time. Your progress toward your goals is most important. We will work with you to determine just the right length of time you need therapy.

Home exercise program

We will do our best to get you better, but you will be expected to do your part. We will instruct you in exercises to be performed at home to get you off to a good start.


We expect you will get better with physical therapy. You should expect our licensed therapists to progress your therapy appropriately as you get better, being responsive to your needs. An appropriate and responsive progression of your program will maximize the speed of your recovery and reasonably react should you have any setbacks.

​  ​

What You Need To Bring:

  • The prescription from your physician
  • Your ID and insurance card
  • List of all medications
  • Completed forms​​

Insurance We Accept:

  • Medicare and Medicare replacement policies
  • Medicaid (Traditional, Parkland, and Centene/Superior)
  • Private insurance such as BCBS, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna and others
  • Most Workers Compensation
  • VA and Tricare​

​We are happy to file on your insurance for you and will work to obtain pre-authorization should your insurance require it.