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Notice: PCA Greenville Physical Therapy has relocated to 4400 IH-30 West, Suite 120. The providers have begun to see patients at our new location.

Welcome to Baylor Scott & White Primary Care Associates Physical Therapy, a prominent network of physical therapists serving patients’ rehabilitative needs in Greenville, Royse City, and surrounding areas. Baylor Scott & White Primary Care Associates Physical Therapy is comprised of a dedicated team of rehabilitation professionals board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation specializing in treating various musculoskeletal (muscles and bones), cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels), pulmonary (lungs and breathing), and neurological (nervous system) disorders, including conditions such as arthritis, back pain, and work- and sports-related injuries.

Our rehabilitation physicians primarily focus on:

  • Diagnosing and treating pain
  • Restoring maximum function lost through injury, illness or disabling conditions
  • Treating the patient as a whole, not just the problem area
  • Providing non-surgical treatments
  • Understanding the full scope of the patient's medical problems and then devising a treatment/prevention plan